The International Stress Management Association UK is the leading professional body for workplace and personal stress management, wellbeing and performance. A registered charity, ISMA exists to promote sound knowledge and best practice in stress management, both nationally and internationally.

The Association has three main objectives:

  • Disseminating high quality information
  • Ensuring quality standards are maintained
  • Proving ISMA members with professional resources

ISMA seeks to meet these objectives in several ways:

  • Professional networking
  • Promotion of excellence in training, drawing on our code of ethics for best practice
  • Validation of trainers
  • Holding conferences at local, national and international levels
  • Providing a framework linking those who need and those who provide stress management services
  • ISMA works to establish stress management as a distinct profession.

Our ethos encompasses the four elements of good stress management practice, focusing on the needs of:

  • The body
  • The mind
  • Our feelings
  • The spirit.

Website: ISMA UK