ISMA Netherlands, 12 March, 2021

ISMA Netherlands, 2021

ISMA Netherlands, 2021

Invitation interactive online congress Friday March 12th 2021 9:00 – 17:00

‘Protecting mental health and wellbeing at high risk jobs, such as rescue workers, health care workers’

Online congress preserving mental health of high-risk professions and care workers

These are difficult times: we have been working from home or at a distance for months now. We miss personal contact and worry about ourselves and our loved ones. COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll on everyone. The group of professionals who are now especially called upon: people in care, the police, ambulance workers, etc., have a work history that under normal circumstances are filled with additional stress and tension. On 12 March, Balans & Impuls will organise an online congress in which the preservation of their mental health will be central.

People who work for our safety, order and health often find it important to be meaningful and to make a difference. But working in a high-risk profession has a huge impact on their private lives. The heaviness of the work has increased significantly in recent years, with a global coronapandemic lasting for almost a year. It is therefore not only difficult for employees to keep the balance, but also for their supervisors.

Focus on science and practice

Therefore, on 12 March 2021, Balans & Impuls, together with renowned partners, will organise an international online congress focusing on rescue workers and aid workers. How do they maintain and preserve their mental health and well-being? The interactive congress gives attention to research and practice and is not to be missed by professionals in the field.

The programme includes several central lectures and workshops by, among others:

  • Dr. Heilwine Bakker: The impact of rescue work on mental health and private life tasks. How can we protect mental health and wellbeing?
  • Prof. Dr. N. Greenberg: Preventive colleague support (TRIM) and providing quick, focused psychological support if necessary
  • Prof. Dr. S. Bogaerts: Sources of imbalance and energy in high risk professions

Best practice workshops

  • Hans van de Haven: Supervising teams in the police
  • Anne-Marie de Jong: Sources of imbalance and energy in high risk professions
  • Theo Bakker: Integrating self-care and caring for colleagues in daily work

The full programme can be found here.

Lunch concert for all care workers

From 12.30-13.30 there will be a free online musical lunch concert for all care workers. Registration is free through the following link

You can register for the congress via our website


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